The New CEEK Virtual Reality Headset: The Newest Trend

Virtual Reality GogglesVirtual reality is gaining popularity quickly, but the market is relatively new, so it can be hard to know what to look for in buying a headset. 

The CEEK Virtual Reality Headset  is a comfortable, fun, Bluetooth Headset for Universal / Smartphones.

What is a Virtual Reality Headset?

A Virtual Reality headset, commonly known as VR headset, refers to a device worn over the eyes like a pair of goggles for the purposes of watching VR content or when playing virtual reality video games.  Most of the headsets have the ability to track the user’s head movements so that wherever the user looks, the character in the virtual reality also looks.  If done in the right manner, the headsets give an impression of the user actually being inside the game or the movie, hence the name “virtual reality”.

About This Product

  • Compatible with Android and iOS smartphones with screen sizes between 3.5″ to 6.3″ ultra-immersive field of view to make your virtual world appear even bigger.
  • Patented anti-distortion lenses made from specially high-end lenses for optimal resolution.
  • Soft breathable facial bumper padding and light weight fit comfortably to the contours of any face to enhance enjoyment for extended wear.
  • Adjustable head straps, eye distance and dynamic focus wheel to customize your viewing preferences.
  • Ventilation slots to prevent device from fogging or overheating.


Product Description

Virtual Headset Discription


The CEEK Virtual Reallity Headset is a sleek and elegant mobile VR goggle compatible with most smartphones.  Simply insert your phone, click VR App and enjoy.  CEEK provides a VR App with exclusive music concerts from top artists.  Discover amazing games, 360 videos and other experiences with your headset.

Insert SmartphoneInsert Smartphone Click and Go

Your new CEEK VR headset works with most smartphones with screen sizes ranging from 3.5″ to 6.3″ held in place with secure adjustable straps.  Fun and easy to use, no hardware or software set up required.  Enjoy ultra-immersive HD viewing, plus avoid disorientation with distortion-free lenses.

Enjoy Exclusive VIP Concerts

Download the CEEK VR mobile app and instantly teleport front row or on stage at a music concert by top artists like Lady Gaga, U2, Katy Perry, NAS and more.  You get 1 month subscription for hours of fun experiences that are compatible with most iPhone and Android smartphones and your new VR headset.

Dynamic Eyesight AdjustmentEyesight Adjustmen

Use the eye distance adjuster to set a comfortable visual experience and eliminate eye strain.

Soft Breathable Facial PaddingEyesight Adjustment

Deluxe facial cushion contours to your face for relaxed extended wear.  The CEEK VR goggles have ventilation slots to prevent fogging and overheating.  Use audio port for wired headphones or Bluetooth.

Remote ControlCEEK Virtual Reality Remote

Patented wireless VR remote controller for iPhone, Android and other smart connectable devices enable scene rotation, navigation and common gaming features.  Headset can be used with or without remote.



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